Spring School 2021 - online

It was a lot of fun and very interesting! And super organized, especially in the time of corona.

The very first digital MSP Spring School took place in early 2021 organized by the University of Liverpool and University of Nantes. 45 students from France, Germany, UK, the Netherlands and Sweden joined an exciting schedule of lectures and workshops, and online gaming.

The MSP Spring School focused on topics such as national MSP experiences, stakeholder engagement, fisheries, environmental issues as well as MSP Challenge serious gaming.

The content was fitting and very pleasant provided. I also enjoyed the in-depth explanation of indicators and methodology of the studies performed.

What students say:

Louise from Nantes, France:

Really instructive event!

The online Spring School took place at the beginning of March for six days. Students followed lectures on various topics : MSP processes in different countries (Denmark, Germany), fisheries and MSP, ecologically significant areas and marine ecosystem services. Even if the event was online, workshops were organised about stakeholder participation and methods to improve their engagement, but also on the MSP Challenge Game. These participatory sessions gave students the opportunity to communicate together and learn from each other on MSP processes.

Sasha from Oldenburg, Germany:

Exhilarating experience!

During our spring school we got to play the MSP Challenge game, or should I say we made an actual simulation project on the future uses of the sea. It felt so real.
We engaged in many heated arguments with other international students over the decisions on how and where we should build our wind energy farms, where should we allocate the marine protected areas (MPA), and how can we increase the shipping route efficiency in the North sea. We could simulate multiple scenarios online and see the changing environment in real time.  This fun, engaging, and collaborative experience helped me to learn faster, improved my intercommunication and social skills, and allowed me to meet new international friends and make connections with professors and professionals in MSP field.

The online Spring School was a great experience to learn more about MSP in Europe and get different perspectives with international viewpoints. It was a great way to dive into the world of MSP. I really enjoyed the interactive sessions and especially discovering methods to enhance stakeholders participation in the MSP process.