“An excellent way of promoting the idea of Marine Spatial Planning”

An intense and fun week of MSP and Gaming was hosted by the Erasmus+ SP-MSP Project from the 18th - 24th of March at the University of Oldenburg, Germany

The ‘Marine / Maritime Spatial Planning and Gaming Summer School’ was jointly organized by the Erasmus+ funded Strategic Partnership for Marine Spatial Planning (SP-MSP) and hosted by COAST, Centre for Environment and Sustainability Research, University of Oldenburg in Germany. Partners from NHTV University of Applied Science Breda (NL), University of Liverpool (UK), University of Nantes (FR) and the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research contributed with lectures, interactive workshops and simulation gaming.

The project enabled twelve students from Germany and the Netherlands to participate in this competitive program. Internationally renowned experts contributed with expert knowledge from the fields of marine science, MSP and its related sectors. The MSP Challenge games were the highlight of the week with three days of gaming. Students were able to transfer their MSP and spatial planning knowledge to real life simulations in a playful way. Overall, highly enthusiastic bachelor and master level students participated and gained new insights into the world of MSP. The Summer School got excellent feedback with 100 % of students who would further recommend the event to others.

The Strategic Partnership for marine spatial planning is funded by the Erasmus+ Program (call 2016-2019). SP-MSP addresses current issues in the emerging field of marine / maritime spatial planning. The project involves partners from research and administrative organizations, as well as experts on MSP. The overall aim is to reach a common understanding and transdisciplinary approaches on a transnational level for higher education. Contact https://sp-msp.uol.de/ or Malena Ripken (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - University of Oldenburg) for more information.

Student Feedback:

“Marine Spatial Planning is an insightful subject that needs to be tackled to benefit our environment and seas. This was an excellent way of promoting the idea of marine spatial planning”

“Fantastic week to dive into a new international topic. Experienced a huge increase of knowledge about MSP”

“MSP is a very interesting topic that gets us (people) involved with our ecosystem, predominantly our sea´s. The topic raises awareness to the big scale problems at hand in our society today”.